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Everyone loves stories and here is ours !

“The soul of India lives in villages”, says Mahatma Gandhi and we are in search of the same heart and soul of our nation through Cocoshoppy. Cocoshoppy is a ‘long-cherished dream come true' for a group of passionate young minds who worked behind its formation. We had a humble beginning and unlike other similar Tech Start-ups, we are village-centric in our operations. Inspired by you, we strive hard to come up with a best in class portfolio of products sealed with purity and authenticity. Cocoshoppy is a digitalized hub where you will get products fresh from farms and free from chemicals according to your needs and necessities without compromising in quality. One of our main aims is to support locally rooted farmers and SME's by providing a platform for them to sell their products and giving an outstanding exposure to a world hitherto unknown for them. We strongly believe that sustaining the local economy is possible through rural developments and creating job opportunities in rural areas. We also target to tap the essence of the rich and authentic flavours of rural India through community development. In a nutshell, we are all set to provide you with a new experience by changing the myth of merchandising. We have a lot more in store for you than you could imagine.

Our Principles/Values

Working on something
with a thought to create change?

We are looking for skilled people. Are you the next one to join us?

A creative person sees opportunities in every move.

Creativity brings joy and freedom to the works undertaken by individuals. Being creative is an art and not everyone can be an artist.

coco creativity

Being passionate about what we do makes us unique from others.

Passion makes people conscious about the direction of their life and propels them to move forward.

coco passion
Vision and innovation

Innovative ideas are assets for future endeavours.

New initiatives always crop up from some basic ideas. So, ideas matters.

coco vision and innovation

Our world needs more empathy than sympathy.

If you could identify the feelings of others as yours, then we count on you.

coco empathy

It is high time to stop going along with the flow. Instead, be the flow.

Leadership is a skill. If you are a leader, you could stand up to the world.

coco leadership
Problem-solving skills

We need more negotiators than mere spectators.

Facing challenges is not an easy task and if you excel in that, you are a real hero.

coco problem solving

Foundations built upon trust are always strong.

Without trust, not even a single decision can be made wholeheartedly. Trust defines people.

coco trust
Love for nature

Nature is the root of our existence.

People who appreciate the goodness of nature knows how to treat their relationships with care.

coco love nature